We founded on September 5th, 2004 in Aarau

camel Aim

  - help and information exchange
    we help each other on problem solutions in Perl.
    programs, modules as well as CPAN modules can be introduced.

  - free organisation
    we are no association
    and want to keep the organsiational investment small.
    there are no regular appointments planned.

camel Limitations

  - NO "OS-War"
    from VMS to Embedix everything is accepted.

  - No basic course
    The meetings are not meant to be basic courses.
    But we would be pleased if we could help you with the first steps,
    otherwise "FAQ yourself" applies. ;-)

camel Meetings

  - Point of Time
    The meetings take place on sundays at 3pm respectively.

  - Location
    The venue is the restaurant "Waage" (use SuureMoscht;) in Aarau.

    Meeting Place

camel Members

    stsc, Steven Schubiger,

    kernelpanic, Michael Sacher,
      GnuPG key id: 0x42618B35         Download:
      Key fingerprint: 98C7 D368 A016 1749 D9F8  02B6 42E1 FC9D 4261 8B35

    qolume, David Leder,
      GnuPG key id: 0xE32CD143         Download:
      Key fingerprint: FCB4 0361 A74F 911B 2E80  0D98 ED96 5556 E32C D143

    kraftwerk, Alex Kuehne,

    tomm, Tom Mattmann,
      GnuPG key id: 0x704EBB9A         Download:
      Key fingerprint: 240E 1A02 8E57 0F06 C774  C205 7672 1AE9 704E BB9A

    Urs, Urs Stotz,
      GnuPG key id: 0x830ABB31         Download:
      Key fingerprint: 9FD8 BF17 E3DF 0629 552B  F10E 2027 8C79 830A BB31

    mail with Nick, Password with SHA1 crypted schicken
    optional Name, Homepage, gpg to

    create SHA1 Password:

    perl -MDigest::SHA1=sha1_base64 -e 'print shift,":{SHA}",
         sha1_base64(shift)."=\n"' Username Passwort

camel Organisation and technical stuff

    - mailing list need registration.

    - IRC

    - Web
    That's what you are just reading.

    - SVN Repository
    All Members of got access
    to the subversion repository:
    Here, documentation, code and projects can be managed.
    Additionally there is an accout for
    Here, everybody can do his first practices.

  - Links The Perl Directory at Comprehensive Perl Archive Network German Perl Workshop Zurich Perlmongers

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